Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

       Haiti is large island in the region of the western Atlantic Ocean that later came to be known as the Caribbean Sea. It discovered by the European navigator Christopher Columbus in December 5, 1492.

Part of the damage in Haiti
Me and Torun, one of the rescue team members during the stand

        On Tuesday, 12 January 2010 and the days after horrible earthquakes occurred n Hait a lot of people were injured, some died and others lost their houses and live without shelter, food and medical care. Communication systems, air, land, and sea transport facilities, hospitals, and electrical networks had been damaged by the earthquake, which hampered rescue and aid efforts; confusion over who was in charge, air traffic congestion, and problems with prioritization of flights further complicated early relief work.

Hanne, youth delegate in Columbia last between Alesund youth group members

       Many countries responded to appeals for humanitarian aid, pledging funds and dispatching rescue and medical teams, engineers and support personnel.

Stand in Ålesund with the new member’s.

        According to that tragic situation we in Ålesund local youth group in Møre og Romsdal Red  Cross started to collect some money to send it to Haiti in order to help affected people there.

Some of the asylum centre members

       Our first stand was in the Ålesund, the Sentrum on 18th of January in the evening. We were nine members holding the money boxes for donation. Within two hours we collected more than six thousand Norwegian Kroner. But at the second stand on Friday 22nd the total amount of money collected was 16 thousand Norwegian Kroner with less than two hours only. This reflects that people want to help and support the tragic situation.

Part of the concert in Ålesund

       We also participated in another program to collect some money for Haiti, a concert prepared privately by “Webjorn Brogotad” and “Ropert Post”, to persons from Ålesund in collaborated with Møre og Romsdal Red Cross. It was on the 28th of January. There were different participants, singers’, dramatics. It was very nice, we enjoyed it.

Part of the concert in Ålesund
Part of the concert in Ålesund

        Although it was small amount of money that we collected but we felt good because we helped the affected people of Haiti and involved our new member in our activities and they were so active during this programs.

Part of the concert programs in Ålesund
Part of the concert programs in Ålesund

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